Supporting your health and wellness during tumultuous times

By Patty Hambler, Director, Student Affairs and Services

The events in the United States yesterday were shocking and frightening. As we all process what has happened, and continues to unfold, it is important to take care of ourselves. Reaching out to connect and for support is a positive step you can take for your mental wellbeing.

Connecting with a friend or loved one for a walk outside to discuss and debrief your thoughts and feelings is a healthy way to approach your self-care. Considering the positive steps you can take to speak out against racism and to protect the values you hold dear is another action you can take at this time. Taking a break from online news and social media to focus on your own thoughts and feelings is something you can do to remain strong and focused so you can invest the things that are important in your life like your studies, your work, and your relationships.

Everyone responds differently and whatever you are feeling is valid at this time. For some in our community, past experiences or current lived realities may mean that the events in the U.S. have a more devastating impact on our emotional wellbeing. Please remember that there are supports available:

  • You are welcome to join other Douglas College students and one of the members of the Counselling team at Douglas for Virtual Calm, held as a weekly evening drop-in program starting January 14. You will learn how to calm the mind and practice an activity aimed at increasing your sense of calm and resilience.
  • Douglas College Counsellors are available to connect if you find your worries are affecting your daily life or you are having challenges coping.
  • Professional support is available 24/7 through Here2Talk, a free provincial service for all postsecondary students in the province. You can be referred to community supports and/or speak right away to a professional counsellor anytime of the day or night.
  • The Crisis Lines are open 24/7 and allow you to connect with a trained volunteer responder about anything you are struggling with at this time.

Whatever you choose to do to take care of yourself at this time, remember that you are part of a community at Douglas College and we are all grappling with these challenges; even though we cannot connect in-person at this time, we can still support each other through difficult times.

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