Rewriting her story and making a difference

Telka Pesklevits

Telka Pesklevits is a poet-activist looking to make positive change within her community.

Get tech support from your peers

Use this helpful service to avoid tech trouble while on campus.

Humans of DC: Carpe Diem

Sydney Clarke, Douglas College student

Douglas student Sydney Clarke has a new outlook on life after recovering from a serious illness.

SHIFT discussions: An interview with Simka Marshall

Image of event poster shows SHIFT in bold, bright orange, red and white. White font underneath says LET'S TALK gender violence. Registration link: douglascollege,ca/shift

Douglas College student Simka Marshall shares her insight on the conversations around gender violence and what makes her hopeful for the future.

Douglas College launches Let’s Do Respect campaign

Poster campaign aims to promote positive student behaviour on campus.