Beyond the face: Meet Alejandra

Environmental Studies student Alejandra Llanes wants to design green buildings for a more eco-friendly future.

Beyond the face: Meet Nikki

Sociology student Nikki Tran was worried she’d never figure out her career path; once she stopped worrying, she found a program that made her happy.

Beyond the face: Meet Kyanith

Sport Science student Kyanith Thapa is shooting for big time success with his clothing line and NBA dreams.

Listening and learning

Douglas College stands with people of colour to actively combat systemic bias in our communities. The following is a personal statement from our AVP, Academic and Student Affairs, Sarah Dench.

What is academic integrity and why does it matter?

Honesty is always the best policy – at Douglas and beyond.

Striking the right chord: How this music alum found his calling in film and TV

audio mixer close-up

Daniel Cardona uses his ear for music to succeed behind the scenes for Disney, Hallmark, Lifetime and more.

Beyond the face: Meet Katelyn

Criminology student Katelyn Lohr plans to one day open her own legal clinic to serve underrepresented populations in northern Canada.

Inspired by Apple and SpaceX

Engingeering student Gurmaan Gary Brar in fabrication lab, photo by David Denofreo

Engineering student Gurmaan Brar wants to change the future of technology.

How we work now: Alumni edition

Nursing and Child and Youth Care alumni share how the nature of their work has shifted in the wake of a global pandemic.

Get the support you need to succeed

Advisors, counsellors and more are available to help you be your best self at Douglas and beyond.