Staying connected during a pandemic: my Student Ambassador experience

By Sebastian Laufer, Academic Foundations for Potential Nursing Applicants

When I first joined the Student Ambassador program, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. But once I did, I knew I had to stay.

Student Ambassadors help with school visits, speak to potential new students, direct people to information sessions, and address concerns potential or current students may have. It is an opportunity for me to share my Douglas experience. Most of these opportunities have now had a virtual replacement and I am able to do most from home which has been a pleasant experience.

Lost and alone no more

douglas college student ambassador

When I arrived at Douglas, I had no idea what I was doing and what there was to the school besides the courses I enrolled in; I felt lost and alone. It wasn’t until I was led to the Future Students’ Office – where they helped me navigate such an overwhelming time – that I gained confidence and clarity around my schooling. This is why I signed up to be a Student Ambassador: so I can do the same for other new and future students.

Connecting during COVID

The Student Ambassadors stayed connected during the pandemic with monthly meetings and volunteer jobs. There were meetings where everyone shared their hobbies: It was cooking for one student, rock climbing for me, and someone even showed off their singing skills!

Oftentimes, we went into breakout rooms through Zoom, and even if it was only a couple of minutes, it really helped me feel connected to the other students. It’s such a nice experience to consistently see familiar faces, and I look forward to seeing them in person again. Until then, it’s been a great way to stay connected digitally!

Lifting the spirits and beating the blues

I was a little worried joining this group originally because I wasn’t sure what a Student Ambassador did and did not know anyone at first. However, since the program takes on people who have initiative and want to positively impact the community, it was very easy to make connections.

Upon speaking to people on the team, it was clear that everyone was just like me, and wanted to help out as much as possible. Being surrounded by such positivity has been great for keeping spirits up during the pandemic and getting over the school blues that happen from time to time. It is also easy to stay motivated in school with other Student Ambassadors as we keep each other accountable.

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You can be a Student Ambassador, too

I recommend the Student Ambassador program for anyone who feels they want to be a part of the school! It doesn’t matter if you’re shy or have little knowledge about Douglas – it’s a place for everyone. This team will help you get through school and give you the ability to assist new and potential students in navigating the crazy world of post-secondary education!

Apply by Sunday, May 9, for a chance to help new students get to know our College community while gaining leadership experience you can put on your résumé. Learn more at

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