Get paid to promote research at the College – here’s how 

Make connections, grow your skills and promote research at Douglas by becoming a Student Research Ambassador.

Make connections, grow your skills and promote research at Douglas

Student Research Ambassadors talk about why getting involved in research matters, and why you should get involved, too.

Renewing her passion for teaching math and science

Elementary school teacher Alexa Ferris gained career-enhancing skills – and had a blast – during the Math and Science Teaching Graduate Diploma program at Douglas.

Sport Science instructor creates video game for stroke rehabilitation

The need for in-home rehabilitation options motivated this Sport Science instructor to create a video game for stroke recovery.

In his element: an alum’s journey from chemistry to clippers

Chemistry grad Jamie Stanton puts his science degree to work at a local barbershop.

Winter 2019: a semester in photos

Therapy dogs, rallies, graduation and more made Winter 2019 a busy semester.

Empathy and passion: the making of a psychiatric nurse

Sanjin stands in front of his motorcycle

After a chance meeting with a psychiatric nurse, Sanjin Ramovic knew getting his Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing was his calling.

The Fiction of Memory: Did it really happen? Find out July 26

An artist rendition of a female looking into the distance.

By Sucheta Singh Did that happen? Was it a dream? Was it implanted? Find out more about false memory, a term used when a person recalls something that did not happen, July 26 at Douglas College from one of the most influential psychologists of our time. The psychological phenomenon was first investigated by pioneers like Pierre Janet and Sigmund Freud and over the past couple of decades, Dr. Elizabeth Loftus has become a lead researcher in the field of false memories. Dr. Loftus has been called as an expert witness in cases including… Read More

Science grad aims to open specialized pharmacy

When she first came to Canada, Ariana Pourbabak had no friends or family in her new country – and she didn’t speak a word of English. Fast-forward to a year or so later, and the Iranian-born student had not only learned the language, but was able to step into the role as a tutor for other students at Douglas College Learning Centre. Now, the Douglas College grad is in her third year of Pharmacy at UBC, after transferring from the Associate of Science degree program in 2013. “It was very difficult when I… Read More