This Psychology student is investigating Asian-Canadians’ use of mental health services

Applied Psychology Honours student Rico Misajon takes a deeper look at Asian-Canadians’ attitudes about mental health – and whether these attitudes prevent them from seeking counselling and other mental health services

A summer up north: psychiatric nursing student seizes early opportunity for valuable work experience

Kaarun Sangra shared the responsibilities of his nurse supervisor, which included incorporating cultural practices and beliefs into treatment plans for Indigenous patients.

Drawing a map for queer and transgender kids

Photo of Tanysha Klassen, Psychology student, by David Denofreo

Tanysha Klassen wants to help others navigate the challenges of gender identity.

The Fiction of Memory: Did it really happen? Find out July 26

An artist rendition of a female looking into the distance.

By Sucheta Singh Did that happen? Was it a dream? Was it implanted? Find out more about false memory, a term used when a person recalls something that did not happen, July 26 at Douglas College from one of the most influential psychologists of our time. The psychological phenomenon was first investigated by pioneers like Pierre Janet and Sigmund Freud and over the past couple of decades, Dr. Elizabeth Loftus has become a lead researcher in the field of false memories. Dr. Loftus has been called as an expert witness in cases including… Read More

Child and Youth Care student aiming for career helping teens in need

Like many of her peers, Gursimran Mann had planned to transfer to university after completing two years at Douglas College. But once the psychology student heard about the Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care (CYC) program from a fellow Student Ambassador, her transfer plans went out the window. “When I started at Douglas, I planned to become a clinical counsellor, but then I started to volunteer more with youth and children, and I had a change of heart,” she said. “I realized I wanted to pursue a career focusing on… Read More