2023 Student Leadership Awards winners announced

Last night, the Student Leadership Awards ceremony honoured this year’s winners and nominees. The awards are given to students, faculty and staff who have shown themselves to be leaders through their outstanding contributions to the College. 150+ guests attended to show their support. 

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees of the 2023 Student Leadership Awards. 

Student Leader Award 

Axel Bernoe, Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing – WINNER 

Axel is one of those people who genuinely loves socializing and being involved in building community. Whenever I see him in the concourse or watch him host an event, I observe his friendly, approachable attitude and the ease with which he interacts with his fellow students and attracts them to the activity he’s overseeing.

He is confident and comfortable speaking with fellow students, and I am always in awe when I see how well students respond to him. 

  • Jayden Haywood, nominator 

Bailey Cove, Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching – WINNER 

Bailey has put more effort and time into engaging the student community than any student I have known in my five years at Douglas College. She truly cares about her peers and consistently strives to create positive opportunities on and off campus.

As the president of the Sport Science Student Council, Bailey has taken to the leadership role beautifully, overhauling some existing structures and working to ensure the council is doing whatever it can to offer support, opportunities and engagement to our students. 

  • Shawn Hetherington, nominator 

Jenny Bui, Bachelor of Business Administration in Management – WINNER 

One of Jenny’s strengths is connecting with all types of people. She makes them feel welcomed and at ease. Many of the volunteers who have joined the Career Centre Volunteer program talk about the close-knit community the program provides them. This would not be possible without Jenny’s infectious personality, which contributes to the uplifting and inspiring space. She asks great questions to clarify what you want and actively seeks feedback on ways to improve. 

  • Lilian Truong, nominator 

Martha Alejandra Espinoza Munoz, Diploma in Marketing – WINNER 

Martha has great leadership and social skills. She is able to encourage people to achieve goals with great passion and enthusiasm. She is always friendly and polite, but professional and cautious too. 

I have never met someone more empathetic, caring, supportive and kind. It is people like Martha who make the way for the rest of us to enjoy a peaceful, functioning, and happy world.  

Most of her work is purely altruistic; she has never received payment or compensation for her service to the College and the community, all while working, studying and raising two children alone as her husband is far away due to work. 

  • Antonio Alejandro Hoyos Espinoza, nominator 

NOMINEES for Student Leader Award 

Congratulations to all the students who were nominated for the Student Leader Award. 

  • Aamish Arora 
  • Aryan Dhamankar 
  • Daniel Villasenor 
  • Danna Domasig 
  • Denise Smadello 
  • Emmaline Ruby Damon 
  • Gabriel Santos 
  • Gurjot Singh Bawa 
  • Himadri Joshi 
  • Jasper Brodie 
  • Maya Moalla 
  • Mort Zowghinia 
  • Myat Noe Pwint 
  • Myungsan Yun 
  • Oommen George 
  • Taydra TenBroek 
  • Nat Gingerich 

Up and Coming Student Leader of the Year Award 

Ava Ferenc, Associate of Arts in Environmental Studies – WINNER 

Ava is a dedicated student who has made a positive impact on the College community through her role as a Coquitlam Campus Representative for the Douglas Students’ Union.

While maintaining a high GPA and a notable presence on campus, Ava takes initiative in her work to always make students and community members feel welcome, safe and comfortable within College spaces. 

  • Andew Dalton, nominator 

Jasper Brodie, Associate of Arts in Gender, Sexualities and Women’s Studies – WINNER 

Jasper has been a stand-out Student Assistant with Indigenous Student Services. Jasper has shown an ability and desire to go above and beyond to increase student engagement through planning, organizing and running biweekly arts and crafts sessions in the Indigenous resource centre. 

  • Nova Macleod, nominator 

NOMINEES for Up and Coming Student Leader of the Year Award 

Congratulations to all the students who were nominated for the Up and Coming Student Leader of the Year Award. 

  • Amari (Mariana), Barillas Flores -Calderon 
  • Aryan Dhamankar 
  • Benjamin Li 
  • David Marin Mejia 
  • Jackkson Newton 
  • Jenny Bui 
  • Sam Lima 
  • Shrishty Jain 
  • Shivani Prakash Ithawar 

Outstanding Contribution to Student Engagement by College Staff or Faculty Member Award 

Irene Chan, Facilitator, Accessibility Services – WINNER 

Without Irene’s outstanding dedication and professionalism, I would not have been able to provide my students with anything remotely close to the learning experience that they have in my courses. On many occasions, Irene has supported me without any hesitation whatsoever with all sorts of new requests regarding the exams for my Computer Programming and Game Development courses. Irene is immensely respected by anyone who has had the pleasure of working with her. 

  • Shahriar Khosravi, nominator 

Padmapriya Arasanipalai Kandhadai, Instructor, Computing Studies and Information Systems – WINNER 

Padmapriya believes each student has potential and she gives a letter of reference to ensure students achieve their career goals. She provides a safe and inclusive environment for everyone in the class to share their thoughts and questions.  

I really appreciate the way Padmapriya motivates each and every student. 

It’s clear she loves to teach. She offers deep connections to her students. It gives her great inspiration to see her students achieving their dreams. 

  • Jain Shrishty, nominator 

NOMINEES for Outstanding Contribution to Student Engagement by College Staff or Faculty Member Award 

Congratulations to all who were nominated for the Outstanding Contribution to Student Engagement by College Staff or Faculty Member Award. 

  • Caleb Cheek 
  • Eugene Dy 
  • Pauline Low 
  • Saeed Mirjalili 
  • Shahriar Khosravi 
  • Will Gunton 

Global Citizenship Dean’s Award 

Derek Graham, Applied Community Studies – WINNER 

Ignacio Yanez, Commerce and Business Administration – WINNER 

Neda Azimi, Humanities and Social Sciences – WINNER 

Phyllis Leung, Health Sciences – WINNER 

Milica Savic, Language, Literature and Performing Arts – WINNER 

Sandra Chiorean, Science and Technology – WINNER 

Learn more about the Student Leadership Awards on our website. 

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