Meet your Summer 2022 Valedictorians!

We caught up with seven of our Summer 2022 valedictorians before they crossed the stage. Find out what they’ll be doing after graduation and how they plan to change the world.

How do you hope to make the world a better place?

“I’m a huge advocate for the human-animal bond. The emotional support that our little companions give us is so important. I want the ability to protect that bond by keeping them as healthy as possible for as long as possible.” – Tiffany Cheung, Diploma in Veterinary Technology, 2022 Valedictorian
“I hope to make the world a better place through relationships. In Child and Youth Care, we talk a lot about relational practice. For me, this means showing up with intention and authenticity, as well as holding space for others. I really want to make it a better future for my daughter and show her that there’s real strength in being a woman.” – Nova MacLeod, Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care, 2022 Valedictorian
“I hope to make the world a better place by involving myself in charity work, as well as volunteer work. I’ve already been doing that to some extent by participating in the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign, as well as volunteering at my workplace.” – Navjot Kooner, Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, 2022 Valedictorian
“I plan to transfer to UBC for music composition. If that works out, be a film composer or a professional composer. I also want to go into more of the performance side of things. I want to perform my own music and maybe be in a band.” – Jackson Poling, Diploma in Performing Arts – Music, 2022 Valedictorian

What will you DO after graduation?

“I will be starting a new job in post-partum care at B.C. Women’s Hospital. My goal is to consolidate there for a year, then move into the neonatal intensive care program. I first got into nursing because I had several miscarriages, and as a result of that I went through the recurrent pregnancy loss program at B.C. Women’s Hospital. I wanted to be able to do that for other women and families.” – Jennifer Tong, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 2022 Valedictorian 
“I’m going to focus on planning my event, which focuses on bridging community amongst Black folks in Vancouver. It’s open to all, and I’m really excited for the idea to help people network.” – Doyinsola Marie Agbaje, Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, 2022 Valedictorian
“I’m planning on going into the teaching program at SFU. Instead of working at the backend of the system, I wanted to start helping people understand how to engage in the world first in ways that are healthy.” – Victoria Kondo, Bachelor of Arts in Applied Criminology, 2022 Valedictorian
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