Associate of Arts degree student eyes career in international politics

David Denofreo photo
A passion for learning about different cultures and cultural practices led Saya Soma across the Pacific for a new educational journey.
That passion brought her from Japan to Vancouver – and Douglas College – to study Intercultural and International Studies – a wide-ranging program for students who want to specialize in anything from international relations to political and cultural philosophies.
Once she graduates with her Associate of Arts degree, Soma plans to complete a bachelor’s degree at McGill University in development studies or gender studies, with a minor in Islamic studies. 
Helping women in the developing world is another of Soma’s passions, one she hopes to pursue after completing her bachelor’s degree.
“My goal is to work with local governments, helping create policies that forbid gender discrimination without compromising religious beliefs and customs,” Soma said.
“Ultimately, I’d like to work for the United Nations.”
An Associate of Arts degree comprises 60 university-transferable credits. In most cases, completing this degree allows students to transfer to a university and enter the third year of a four-year bachelor’s degree program.
Douglas College offers specialty Associate of Arts degrees including communications, mathematics, history, psychology and economics, or with a thematic focus, including Soma’s choice of Intercultural and International Studies.

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