5 Mistakes I Made in My First Year of College

Transitioning into college life was exceptionally difficult for me because I was homeschooled for most of high school. Combine this with taking a gap year and working too much, I had a really hard time becoming accustomed to college life. During that transition, I learned some valuable lessons by making some big mistakes. Here are... Continue Reading →

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day has always been important to my family. My father was a reservist (as pictured above) and my grandfather was in the air force. Because of their strong military background and the relationships made during their times of service, my family has always considered Remembrance Day as one of the more important days of... Continue Reading →


Hi, I’m Telka! I am a second year Marketing student. I’m a Student Ambassador and a dance instructor. I also dabble with playing the piano and ukulele. If you’re lucky maybe I’ll sing you a song! Besides that I like to spend my time cuddled up in a blanket watching Community, The X-Files, or Unbreakable... Continue Reading →

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