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Get tech support from your peers

Use this helpful service to avoid tech trouble while on campus.

Stay safe while you’re on campus

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Here are 8 tips (including who to call and when) for staying safe at Douglas College.

The IT crowd: Everything you need to know about CEIT services

As a Douglas College student, you have a variety of services available to you, including those provided by CEIT.

Why you should get involved in College

Get involved and make the most of your College experience with Student Life

Get help from fellow students at the Learning Centre

Peer tutors offer free help with writing, coursework and study skills

Find support through Douglas College’s counselling services

Get help navigating personal issues, career decisions and support with academic appeals or petitions.

Go global with your education

Studying abroad can add depth and meaning to your Douglas College education. Find out how one student spent six months at Disney World in Florida.

Taking the First Steps: My Struggle With Mental Illness

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Mental illness is a hidden barrier for a lot of people. I am no expert on mental illness and I am not here to spout a whole bunch of facts about it. I am here to take the first steps in making mental illness less hidden among students. I have struggled from depression and anxiety for most of my life. It became debilitating when I entered high school. I very quickly left school and took my courses online. Most of my anxiety is socially driven, but at times it creeps up for… Read More