Hey, I’m Jamal, and I’m a second year student at Douglas, taking a specialized degree in “whatever, whenever.” When I first came to Douglas,. I thought maybe I could be a psychologist, because of the two books and 280 TED talks I’d seen on the topic. Now, I’m working towards a journalism career by working... Continue Reading →


Hey! My name's Mary and I am in my second year of Arts here at Douglas. While studying humanities and social sciences, I enjoy dipping myself into numerous worlds of culture through learning new languages. As strange as it sounds, being a polyglot one day is definitely one of my interests. I try my best... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, I’m Klyde! I’m a 3rd year Financial Services student. Outside of class, I like to spend time eating and chatting up with friends. I also try and meet new people while I’m at it. I’m part of the Student Ambassador program which also keeps me busy by helping out in events and even... Continue Reading →


Hello world, this is Abhishek! I’m a second year Business student. I am here from India to chase down my dreams. I believe in myself and I am a big fan of Jordan Belfort and Warren Buffet. Being at Douglas I have met a lot of people across the Globe! I’m crazy about travelling, hiking... Continue Reading →


Hi, I’m Telka! I am a second year Marketing student. I’m a Student Ambassador and a dance instructor. I also dabble with playing the piano and ukulele. If you’re lucky maybe I’ll sing you a song! Besides that I like to spend my time cuddled up in a blanket watching Community, The X-Files, or Unbreakable... Continue Reading →

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