Adventure is out there!

Change is inevitable, kids. It’s a simple (and often tough) lesson we all learn growing up. Sometimes change can be really daunting, sometimes it can be oh, so wonderful, and sometimes it’s exactly in between. I, for one, can account for being right in between. Very recently, I found out that I got accepted into the nursing program at Langara College. I’m beyond thrilled that I got in, because I’ve been waiting and stressing for a while about it! I’ve always been up for a challenge and love trying new things so… Read More

Cold. Hard. Cash: 4 Budgeting Tips for Students

Some of us have it, we all need it, and as college kids, we could always use a little bit more. I’m talking about money. That cold. hard. cash. A couple of weeks ago, the Peer Health Educators at Douglas College were kind enough to bring in the fine gents of Young Guys Finance to teach some money basics like budgeting and how to be smart with your money. Their fun and cool approach to personal finance truly made the idea of money way less daunting. Budgeting can often be a less… Read More


Hey, I’m Maxine! I’m an uber-bubbly 2nd year student, studying to become a nurse!