“What Are You?”

Over the next couple of weeks the Life at DC team will be sharing their personal thoughts and stories on cultural identity and diversity through blog posts. Join us as we share our thoughts and observations. “Hey, I just wanted to ask… What are you?” Without a doubt, I am sure that a lot of us have struggled to answer this question every time we encounter somebody new, particularly if you are a person whose parents have emigrated from another country. Telling others what you consider yourself in one word can be… Read More

I Can’t Stop Procrasti…

Procrastination: Ah, the fifteen-letter word that constantly invades our brains, though we never really seem to be able to finish detangling ourselves from it. You know it’s going to show up eventually. Important errands, exercising, meetings; you name it, they all pile up from the tendency of us humans to push them all aside for later, despite the realization that we could all just get it over and done with.    In regards to all bad habits, surely they all take time to change. However, the dreadful habit of procrastination is one… Read More


team members hands together

Hey! My name’s Mary and I am in my second year of Arts here at Douglas. While studying humanities and social sciences, I enjoy dipping myself into numerous worlds of culture through learning new languages. As strange as it sounds, being a polyglot one day is definitely one of my interests. I try my best to assert myself to new things and I love meeting new people. I have a broad appreciation for music, so if you need something to do or just want to groove, I’ll be in the dance studio!… Read More