Beyond the face: Meet Chandan

Financial Analysis student Chandan Jaraith thought he was destined for a life in computers science, until one course at Douglas set him on a whole new path.

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Beyond the face: Meet Navjot

Business student Navjot Singh came to Douglas get the skills he needed to make his entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

Going global at Douglas

Douglas is an increasingly global community as we welcome more international students and more Canadian students study abroad.

The Festival of Lights Away From My Motherland

close up of diwali candles lit up

You just cannot say no to sweets and food when it is Diwali. Diwali is a traditional Hindu festival which started in ancient India and has now spread across the globe. Diwali is a festival where we meet and greet our loved ones. It is a festival where we embark on the start of a new year and a new beginning. This festival is a celebrated in honour of the goddess Lakshmi (goddess of wealth and prosperity) and is celebrated for 5 days. Yes, you read it right! This festival is basically… Read More

My Cultural Identity

As a young kid, I watched a lot of Cartoon Network and Disney channel shows on weekend mornings and evenings. I always found it intriguing that Cory from “That’s So Raven” ate cereal for breakfast, or how Raven wore casual clothes to school given she was still in high school. I thought it would be so cool be just like them one day. That one day happened and it was a bittersweet moment for me. Ten years ago, my family immigrated to Canada from the Philippines. I’d always pictured myself and my… Read More

Breaking Out of My Comfort Zone

man closing door

I am an Indian and I’m proud to be one! Studying in Canada has always been a dream for me, and today I’m living it. The one thing I was worried about before I arrived at Douglas was about whether I’d be able to keep up academically with the other college students. Within the first week of arriving at Douglas, I realized that I was in a world full of competition. I met a lot of people of my ethnicity but this didn’t surprise me looking at the history of Indians in… Read More

Cooking can be fun… right?

  For many of us, cooking is one of those things primarily done out of necessity rather than desire, and when you’re an international student on your own in a new country, knowing what to eat can become a real challenge. I’m sure other international students can relate: there are so many things that I miss about Colombia! I miss my parents, and especially my mom, who used to cook exquisite and healthy breakfasts for me every morning. She would make me a variety of meals for lunch and dinner that had… Read More