How to be merry and bright for the holidays

Tips for staying well while celebrating the spirit of the season

Overcoming That #ChristmasDebt

close up of a red christmas present with a gold bow

I procrastinated on buying Christmas presents… again. What can I say, being a student is expensive enough without taking into consideration all the gifts that you have to buy for Christmas. Lately, I’ve been thinking about why I even celebrate Christmas and how it has changed as I’ve gotten older. Growing up in Scotland, I knew Christmas as the time of the year when everything I had ever wanted was waiting for me underneath the Christmas tree. As I grew into my teenage years, which I spent in Jamaica, Christmas became more… Read More

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day has always been important to my family. My father was a reservist (as pictured above) and my grandfather was in the air force. Because of their strong military background and the relationships made during their times of service, my family has always considered Remembrance Day as one of the more important days of the year. Not only do we pay our respects on November 11 each year, we have also placed a wreath at our local cenotaph for 20 years now (that’s every year that I have been alive). In… Read More