Drake, Dinner, and Developing Friends

drake in a turtleneck saying I love changes

Being a first year student at college can be confusing and scary. Coming into a new environment and trying to find your way and make friends while maintaining good grades isn’t easy. I got the opportunity to talk to a few new students at Douglas College and learn about how their first two weeks have been. Why did I get to meet with them? Because they all attended New Student Orientation and won tickets to see Drake in concert. Let’s take a moment to drool over the fact that they got the… Read More

Step 6: Find your people

I was running down the empty hallway looking for my friends, but all I could see was empty classrooms and some unfamiliar faces. That’s the dream that I had just before my first day of class, so I guess you could say I was nervous. As expected, I didn’t make any friends within the first few days of college. I would go to my class and try to awkwardly smile at the person sitting next to me, they would smile back and quickly change their seat after the break.           … Read More