Step 4: Get to class

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I remember my first day of class at the College, full of confusion and questions. I’m here to make things easier for you! To get yourself to class, you’ll need your course schedule, which you can access from myAccount > Registration > Course Schedule. Check your class locations and times, then get to know your campus better so that you don’t end up confused in the maze of hallways. Check out the online maps for New Westminster and Coquitlam campuses. Pro tip (this one’s so important we’re mentioning it again): make sure you get… Read More

Making Students Feel Welcome

If you’re already engaged on campus, and either feel comfortable where you are or haven’t left the program yet, you’re experiencing firsthand the joys of doing more in school than just showing up to class, groaning mid-lecture, and then leaving. How did you join whatever it is you’re now doing? Maybe you love volunteering – or Salsa dancing with the gang – so much that you just walked up to a meeting and uttered those magic words, “can I join?” Not everyone feels comfortable enough to do that though. For many newer… Read More

You’re Never Too Old for Back to School Shopping

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Going back to school means a lot of things. New classes, new teachers, new friends, a new schedule, and lots of things that are out of your control. In a way of seeking a bit of control I always buy fun new school supplies. Why? Because I can’t control the girl who sits beside me… but I can control if I have a cool new metallic notebook. And if she can’t appreciate that, then we probably won’t get along anyways. Back to School If I’m being honest with myself, I struggle to… Read More

Step 6: Find your people

I was running down the empty hallway looking for my friends, but all I could see was empty classrooms and some unfamiliar faces. That’s the dream that I had just before my first day of class, so I guess you could say I was nervous. As expected, I didn’t make any friends within the first few days of college. I would go to my class and try to awkwardly smile at the person sitting next to me, they would smile back and quickly change their seat after the break.           … Read More

Step 5: Get Healthy. Get Involved. Get Experience.

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You’re going to get a lot out of your time at Douglas College. There are many services and opportunities that you’ve already paid for through your tuition fees, and a lot of them will be featured in the Concourse at New West campus and the Atrium at Coquitlam Campus during Welcome Week. The Life at DC team wants to show you all the opportunities available at the College to help you Get Oriented, Get Healthy, Get Involved, and Get Experience. Stay tuned to this blog all year, because Life at DC team members will be… Read More

Step 2: Get to campus

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Now that you’re officially a student at Douglas, let’s figure out your best route to campus.

Step 3: Get online

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I bet your first question on your first day at the College will be “What’s the wifi password?”