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Sun’s out, books out: 8 study spots to soak up the summer weather

Winter is coming…. So enjoy the sunshine while it’s here and take your exam study sessions outdoors.

‘Tis the season to feel stressy

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Overwhelmed by finals? Approaching holidays stressing you out? Douglas College counsellors have tips to help you deal with the strain.


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Are you struggling with schoolwork? At this point of the semester, a lot of students find themselves flooded with assignments, projects, reports and essays. The tasks seems infinite but the time is finite. All this work can be done with proper time management and focus, but what about an easy way out? A pretty common word you will hear is plagiarism. Plagiarism is copying and pasting information such as journals, essays, or even short quotations without citing your sources. The first thing that should appear when googling ‘plagiarism’ is “DON’T DO IT”… Read More