Meet the Douglas instructor who is starting conversations surrounding equity and washrooms

Anthropology instructor Jaime Yard encourages students and others to think more openly about inclusive spaces and gender equality.

Why Transgender Day of Remembrance Is Important to Me

I came out as transgender, specifically as non-binary, in late 2014. I had just graduated from high school, cut my hair, and begun a new chapter of my life in post-secondary, but I told no one about my recently-discovered identity. I flew under the radar for close to a year, having to deal with the fact that I was constantly being referred to with the wrong pronouns and being assigned an identity that was not congruent with who I really was. When I finally came out to my family I was told… Read More

Trans Day of Remembrance

Content warnings for mentions of violence and transphobia. When I think of Trans Day of Remembrance (TDOR), a lot of feelings arise. As someone who is transgender, it’s a very sensitive topic, and I tend to get overwhelmed trying to discuss it. While I have not faced physical violence for being myself, and I do not wish to experience it, every attack against others who are transgender can feel very personal when you are trans as well. It’s especially difficult when those around you do not understand why you feel so strongly… Read More

Coming out

2 LGBT2Q+ students kissing holding a pride flag in front of huge rainbow letters that spell out pride

Douglas student Christen McDonald describes her experience coming out.