My First-Ever F: A Story of Academic Resilience

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I coasted through my first year with B’s, C’s and one P. I got the P in Biology, and I blamed it on procrastination and reeeaaally poor prioritization. I knew my mistake was not studying enough. It didn’t bother me too badly, though, because I actually liked biology, so I thought of it as a really bad mistake that I could easily rectify. And hey, at least I was far away from my biggest post-secondary nightmare: ACADEMIC PROBATION. Sometimes I have trouble balancing my academic life with my life as a student life,… Read More

Résumé: The Place Where You Put Your Life’s Passion to Paper

Résumés. We use them to get our first jobs and we know we’ll use them every step of the way towards our ultimate career. It’s a sheet of paper that details all of our professional and educational accomplishments. No pressure! Now, I don’t know about you, but for me, making a résumé on my own isn’t so easy. It’s hard to remember everything that’s relevant to my résumé, let alone write it in the correct order and structure it properly. Questions begin to pop up like, what are employers looking for? What… Read More

Work it out!

Did you know that we have a Fitness Centre here at Douglas College?! The most frequent question I get from classmates when I tell them that I work there is “There’s a gym here?” Yes, there’s a gym, a weight room and a studio. In fact, there are fitness spaces at both the New Westminster and Coquitlam Campuses. They might be hard to find if you’re not a Royals athlete or Sports Science student. The main thing to know is that the New West Fitness Centre is in the 1300 wing, down… Read More


Hi, I’m Deepti! I’m a second year Associate of the Arts specializing in Future Teachers.