Questions surrounding a predatory ground beetle moves Biology instructor to conduct further research

The discovery of an invasive ground beetle has led Douglas Biology instructor Robert McGregor to seek out more on how, when and why this beetle came to the West Coast.

Framing the world with a different pair of glasses

A successful career can mean different things to different people. For Dispensing Opticianry grads Sara Moshurchak and Dana Dempsey, success means bringing creativity and customization to producing unique eye wear in an industry dominated by mass production.

Today is National Coffee Day

coffee day at New Westminster coffee shop

We’re so wired from all the coffee we drank today, that was the best headline we could come up with.

Humans of DC: Twinning

Humans of DC, Humans of Douglas College, students who are twin sisters standing back-to-back and smiling at camera

“People assume that because we’re twins we have magical powers that let us tell other twins apart- we don’t.”