Overcoming That #ChristmasDebt

I procrastinated on buying Christmas presents… again. What can I say, being a student is expensive enough without taking into consideration all the gifts that you have to buy for Christmas. Lately, I’ve been thinking about why I even celebrate Christmas and how it has changed as I’ve gotten older. Growing up in Scotland, I... Continue Reading →

Coming Out

In the coming week, we will be hearing stories from a few of our LGBT2Q+  students. How did I come out, you may ask? In one single Facebook picture post. Well that was one of the times I’ve come out because let’s face it, you never stop coming out. This is especially true if you... Continue Reading →

Living Between the Lines

Identity: I think I struggle with the meaning of this word even now. What makes up my identity? Is my identity defined by where I was born? Where I grew up? Or by the country listed on my passport. As a cross-culture person, these questions consumed me growing up. When the question of identity comes... Continue Reading →

Ambition vs Destiny

I think most can agree ambition is different from destiny. Case in point, my high school graduation book entry. As it stands here and now, my ambition is to become an environmental scientist but is this also my destiny? We’ll just have to wait and see. One thing is for sure, being in Canada has... Continue Reading →

Trying Old Things, In a New Way

  I am not artistic, not by any means but I have always loved the idea of painting. I tried several times in my younger teenage years to make my bedroom wall into a masterpiece. And by masterpiece, I mean I wrote “PUNK ROCK” on my wall with a paint set I got from the dollar store. Since... Continue Reading →

Getting on Schedule

The best part of summer was having no schedule. I was free to stay in bed and watch Netflix as much as I wanted. I got to plan my schedule how I saw fit, and my version of “fit” was not having one at all. It was great to wake up when I wanted and... Continue Reading →


Hey, my name is Christen. I am currently in my second year of my Associate of Science Degree in Environmental Science. I am your local third culture kid who grew up in Scotland and Jamaica. I am a self described social justice warrior, always looking for new ways to make the world more accessible for... Continue Reading →

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