Is New West the new Brooklyn?

New York’s most populous borough went through a renaissance to become a hip place to be but with a price – gentrification. With a major facelift planned for New West’s riverfront, what is in store for this city?

Build your career: December 2016

Student success storyNetworking is the most powerful tool for job-seekers. Just ask Manuel Garces, a Douglas College Bachelor of Business Administration student and former Co-operative Education student. Garces’ hard work in the program spurred Lianne Johnston, Co-op Placement Coordinator, to recommend him to the Whitecaps FC when they were looking for a student for a... Continue Reading →

Poem of the Month: December 2016

Poem of the Month showcases outstanding work written by Douglas College students.Each month, the Creative Writing Department displays posters across both campuses featuring a new poem.Click on the image to the right to see an enlarged version of this month’s poster, featuring "Hoa Vàng Mấy Độ (Every Shade of Yellow Flowers)" by Evan Le.All Douglas... Continue Reading →

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