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Student Research Days returns to Douglas College on April 13

By Nicole Chiu, Research and Innovation Office

Student Research Days is an annual event where you can present a research project to the College community. You’ll get to showcase your research expertise and passion for research to our panel of faculty judges. Prizes of up to $500 will be awarded to the top projects.  

On April 13, Student Research Days will be back and rows of research poster presentations will span the Coquitlam Campus Atrium and the New Westminster Campus Concourse.  

Don’t just take it from us. Take it from past presenters who told us the benefits of presenting at Research Days.      

We spoke to Simran Bhamra from the Therapeutic Recreation Diploma program and Bradley Huddlestone from the Bachelor of Arts in Criminology Honours program to find out why they participated in Research Week, what they learned and their advice for this year’s participants. 

Simran Bhamra
Bradley Huddlestone

Why did you take part in Research Week? 

“I wanted more experience talking to different people about my research and speaking to the public. It also made me feel like my work was appreciated.” – Bradley 

“I wanted the chance to advocate for my field and share my research findings to inspire positive changes in long-term care.” – Simran 

What did you learn?  

“I learned what it was like to talk about my research in a more public setting. This is definitely a skill that will help me when I defend my Honours thesis.” – Bradley 

“It was amazing to see the responses from individuals outside my field regarding my research and learn about how their fields could improve long-term care. I had many rewarding conversations with my peers and with faculty members and felt like my work was appreciated.” – Simran 

Wise words to this year’s participants 

“Don’t be afraid to talk about what excites you about your research. The day is about you and your work. Take advantage of that.” – Bradley  

“Just do it! It was such a rewarding experience, and it’s a good steppingstone to potentially presenting at conferences and other events.” –  Simran  


Watch Criminology student Bradley Huddlestone speak about his study during Research Week 2021: A content analysis of YouTube comments framing homeless criminalization. 

Watch Therapeutic Recreation student Simran Bhamra speak about her study: The perceptions on the role of therapeutic recreation in motivating culture change in long-term. 


Applications to present at Student Research Days are open until March 9. Apply to present by visiting  

Due to programming changes, Student Research Days will be a one-day event on April 13, 12–3pm at the New Westminster Campus Concourse. The event previously included an event on April 11 at the Coquitlam Campus. 

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