Calling student scientists! Lead your own research project at Douglas College 

By Nicole Chiu, Research and Innovation Office  

There’s a few ways to get involved in research at Douglas College, like becoming a Student Research Assistant or a Student Research Ambassador. But now, there’s a chance to lead your very own study and be the director of your own research project.   

The Science and Technology Faculty is offering a self-guided program beginning in the Winter 2022 Semester, where you’ll learn how to conduct an independent study on a topic of your choice. Research proposals and topics are currently being accepted for the program. 

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Your own research project

So, here’s what to do if you’re interested. Connect with a Science and Technology faculty member to initiate the process and pitch your research topic. The faculty member will accept the proposal at their discretion. Once accepted, the faculty member becomes the project advisor, providing you with their research expertise and guiding you in the research process.  

Students will have to enroll in the Scientific Research Skills course (SRES 2100).  

Within the course, you’ll learn the importance of equity, diversion and inclusion in research, research ethics, the scientific method and developing a good research question, mastering oral presentation and much more.  

Your project could conclude in one semester or go beyond three semesters, depending on the needs of your research. At the end of every semester, you’ll present your findings to the Douglas College research community. You’ll also be able to submit your work for a publication in an academic journal.  

If you’re looking to continue as a researcher at a university, this program will give you the fundamental research skills, knowledge and the confidence to land you a Research Assistantship position at a major university on a big research project.  

At this time, the opportunity is available to Douglas College students who have completed at least 18 credits in any Science and Technology courses.  

For more information on Scientific Research Skills (SRES 2100) visit the Douglas College website. 

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