Have fun and build valuable skills this Fall with the Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassadors (SAs) are a select group of student leaders who help organize and run the recruitment events put on by the Future Students’ Office. As a Student Ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the College community while developing your interpersonal, professional and leadership skills. SAs play a key role in year-round College events, including information sessions, Counsellor’s Day and high school visits.

Hemnesh Ramwani is an international student studying International Supply Chain Management. He joined the Student Ambassador program during his second semester at Douglas, in Winter 2019.

By Hemnesh Ramwani, International Supply Chain Management

Two things drew me to becoming a Student Ambassador: Gaining leadership and communication skills; and recruiting and helping new students.

Hemnesh Ramwani

Since joining the program, my favourite part of being a Student Ambassador is interacting with future students during information sessions. I enjoy helping them by sharing my knowledge and experience. My second favourite aspect of being a Student Ambassador is the regular meetings with other SAs. Everyone is so supportive; we’re like a family and we always help each other no matter what the issue.

What I’ve gained through the program

Being a Student Ambassador has been immensely helpful for improving my communication and leadership skills. I can honestly see the difference from when I first started to now. In our SA meetings, we get to network with, and learn from, members of the Future Students’ Office, we play skill-building games or present on various topics to practice our public-speaking skills.

Being a Student Ambassador is something I can put on my resumé, and it will definitely help me in the future; as an International Supply Chain Management student, leadership and communication skills will be essential in my future management roles. And the networking aspect of being an SA will open doors for me in the working world.

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Adapting to COVID-19

When the pandemic started, we were worried about what would happen to our role since our work is all done in-person. Fortunately, we were able to adapt; our meetings shifted to Zoom, campus tours were conducted virtually and information sessions continued to happen through video and other digital formats.

The online delivery has been very successful and we’re continuing our work as usual. Even with the transition to online work, we continue to feel connected to our team. We even received our branded swag – I didn’t expect it because we would normally pick it up in-person, but the staff went out of their way to mail it to us directly.

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Why you should join the Student Ambassadors

If you are considering becoming a Student Ambassador, I definitely recommend it. Being an SA will improve your communication, leadership and people skills – three major skills everyone needs for a successful future career – and isn’t that why we’re in college?

Secondly, being a Student Ambassador is a lot of fun. The network of Ambassadors, staff and professionals is so supportive and encouraging. We really enjoy working together.

And lastly, as a bonus, SAs get priority registration for courses each semester. You get the courses you need at the times you want and with your first choice for instructor.

The Student Ambassador program is accepting applications for Fall 2020 until September 18. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Apply today.

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