Get in the know with NSO and other reasons to sign up for New Student Orientation

By Student Life

“Where do I get my student ID?”
“Who else is in my program?” 
“When will the Bookstore be open?”    

There’s a lot of questions that arise when you begin a new journey, especially one as monumental as starting college. That’s why we host Strong Start: New Student Orientation (NSO), so you start off on the right foot. While this is an exciting time in life, it can also be stressful. We’ve designed orientation to give you a snapshot of all the services, programs and opportunities that will assist you during your first semester and beyond. 

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What if I skip orientation?

Now, you might be saying to yourself, “I don’t need to attend NSO, I’ll figure all that out when I get there.” Sure, you could wait and figure it out on your own – but imagine it’s the first day of classes. You arrive at campus early to get your books, only to realize “oh no!” the Bookstore is closed for in-person services due to the pandemic (which we talk about at NSO) that you have to order your textbooks online. 

Then, you’re looking for your class but can’t find it. You spot another student (a rare sighting, because a lot of courses are online this semester) and ask them if they know where to find your class, but they can’t help you. When you finally find your classroom, you’re late and there’s only one seat left at the back of the class and it turns out you forgot your glasses on top of not having your textbooks – tragic.  

Being online and on time

With many courses being online or having online components this Fall, knowing how to handle any technical issues that may arise is going to be crucial. NSO will introduce you to, and get you familiar with, Blackboard and other online services you will need to succeed. The time you spend now in preparation for the upcoming semester will benefit you in so many ways. 

In addition to learning how to access your online classes, you’ll learn how to maintain your health and wellness (aka managing the “freshman 15”), access tutoring and other services, and how to get involved in the College community. There are lots of opportunities at Douglas and we want to give you a 360˚  view of them all.  

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Did we mention the sweet prizes?

Maybe you’re still not convinced it’s worth your time. So, in addition to all the priceless knowledge you’ll acquire during New Student Orientation, you’ll be eligible to win $300 worth of tuition credits (hello free money!) and a $250 Amazon gift card just for attending. All you need to do is complete the survey at the end of the Blackboard course to be entered into the draw; it’s easy as 1, 2, 3!  

We know these are unusual times, but we want to give you a great college experience while we all sort through this new way of learning. Douglas College is here to support you as you start this next chapter in life, and we want to provide you with the tools to help you succeed.  

We look forward to meeting you during orientation!  

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