What is academic integrity and why does it matter?

By Rudi Araujo, Marketing and Communications

Every student at Douglas College is expected to adhere to the highest standards of academic integrity, whether taking courses in-person or online. But, what does academic integrity actually mean?

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What is academic integrity?

Academic integrity is ensuring you’re not being academically dishonest which includes committing academic fraud, cheating, misuse or misrepresentation of sources, plagiarism or self-plagiarism.

To ensure all students are starting at Douglas with the same understanding, all new students to Douglas, and those returning students that have not attended Douglas College for at least two years, must complete an Academic Integrity Education online course.

Douglas requires all new-to-Douglas students to complete this mandatory module. The great thing is that it takes no more than 30 minutes to complete and is easily accessible through Blackboard.

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The resources available for students at Douglas can help you succeed with your studies. Get help from our peer tutoring centre, available at the Learning Centre, which can assist students in skills like writing, studying, test preparation and more.

Pass your module with flying colours

Students will need to finish the module with at least 80 percent to successfully complete the course. Good news, though, you have three chances to pass. If you’re not successful after the third attempt, additional support will be provided.  

*Please note: Students who do not complete the online module will receive an “F” grade on their unofficial transcript. For any student who does not pass the module, the ability to register for future terms will be affected. For more information, contact aie@douglascollege.ca.

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