Student Leadership Awards: Digital Edition

By Elliott Slinn, Student Life

The Student Leadership Awards are a time of celebration and recognition for the Douglas College community. This annual event brings together students, staff and faculty to acknowledge the many outstanding accomplishments within the College. Traditionally the awards are held at La Perla Ballroom with over 100 students, staff and faculty dressing up in their fancy attire for a night of celebration.

Because classes and programming have moved online, we couldn’t hold the Student Leadership Awards in person – but that didn’t stop us. Pivoting with the changing times, we brought the selection committee together virtually to choose the winners (which is never easy, with so many excellent nominees), and recognize them online.

Living Big Student Leader of the Year Award

Winner: John Paul Escala, Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching
“John Paul is extraordinary in his involvement in campus activities and volunteering. He works towards making a difference in the community.” — nominator

“I’m always so excited to help others achieve their dreams and achieve their goals.”

John Paul Escala
Thank you video from John Paul

Winner: Hayley Biller, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
“Hayley’s energy and enthusiasm to be involved in the broader nursing community is something her classmates admire and look up to her for.” — nominator

“I’m just so happy to be a Douglas College student, it’s been an incredible journey.”

Hayley Biller
Thank you video from Hayley

Community Builder of the Year Award

Winner: Paula Andrea Mendoza, Bachelor of Applied Psychology
“Paula’s enthusiasm and passion for helping others is what stands out the most. She always keeps her composure and is willing to offer her assistance in the best way she can.” — nominator

“My journey at Douglas has been more than I was expecting. It’s been full of amazing experiences, adventures, joys and challenges that have helped me become who I am today.”

Paula Andrea Mendoza
Thank you video from Paula

Winner: Ashley Smith, Bachelor of Child and Youth Care
“Ashley is a strong youth advocate. She stands up for what is right and comes from a place of passion and lived experience.” — nominator

“I’m super passionate about creating community and spaces for former youth in care.”

Ashley Smith
Thank you video from Ashley

Up and Coming Leader Award

Winner: Amrita Ramkumar, Bachelor of Business Administration
“She consistently demonstrates a drive to continue to learn and improve herself. I am excited to see her flourish as an outstanding leader.” — nominator

Amrita Ramkumar

Winner: Angelo Toledo, Associate of Arts
“Angelo is always willing to support. He is flexible, polite, active and positive. I’m really glad to have him on the team.” — nominator

Angelo Toledo

Winner: James Nguyen, Computer and Information Systems
“He is good at communication and motivating fellow students. He creates a positive vibe and makes everyone around him feel comfortable.” — nominator

James Nguyen

Outstanding Contribution to Student Engagement by a Faculty Member

Winner: Holly Salmon, Learning Centre
“I truly believe Holly is a role model for all of us at the Learning Centre to look up to.” — nominator

“I look for connections to form as a supplement to the learning that they do in the classroom.”

Holly Salmon
Thank you video from Holly

Outstanding Contribution to Student Engagement by a Staff Member

Winner: Tracy Ho, Douglas College Students’ Union
“She is always trying to come up with ways to help. She is thoughtful, caring and passionate about the work she does and it shows every day.” — nominator

Tracey Ho
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