Stay safe and secure on campus at all times

By Nancy Constable, Safety, Security and Risk Management

Student safety on campus is a top priority at Douglas College. Read below to find out who to call and where to go in the event of an emergency.

Save Campus Security numbers in your phone

Coquitlam: 604 777 6254
New Westminster: 604 527 5405
Anvil Office Tower: 604 777 6666
Note: Call Campus Security 24/7 in the event of an emergency. In an urgent or life threatening situation, call 911 first, then also call Campus Security to notify them of the emergency on campus.

Know your closest emergency exits and assembly areas

Evacuation maps are posted in classrooms and near stairwells and elevators. Familiarize yourself with more than one way in/out of the building.

Sign up for emergency notifications

Subscribe to DC Alerts to receive important notifications regarding emergencies on campus and advisories of campus closures (for example, due to heavy snowfall).

Know the College’s emergency procedures

Review all emergency procedures, including the College’s lockdown procedure.

Speak up when you see something unsafe

Report all safety hazards and incidents to Campus Security, including concerning behaviours.

Use Safer Walk

Receive a security escort from a uniformed officer to the local SkyTrain station or to your vehicle in a campus parking lot/parkade by requesting a Safer Walk from Security.

Get first aid – stat

There are trained first aid providers on each campus. Dial 2400 from any College landline or call Campus Security if you need first aid. You can also visit them in person:
Coquitlam Campus Security – kiosk at level 1, building A/B atrium
New Westminster Campus Security – kiosk at level 2, concourse
Anvil Office Tower Security – kiosk on the sixth floor

Talk to a counsellor

Counsellors can help you manage personal challenges, career planning and figure out how to ease the pressures of college life.
Coquitlam: 604 777 6185
New Westminster: 604 527 5486

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