Three-day training program will help you find work after graduation

Tired of being asked what you are going to do when you’re done school? Getting constantly interrogated at family gatherings by a relative asking for “a life update” can cause unnecessary anxiety. Avoid the stress, awkwardness and repetitive conversations by being prepared and attending the intensive Career Boot Camp on Dec. 17-19 in the Anvil Office Tower, rooms 910 & 911, from 9am–3pm. This workshop targets soon-to-be and recent grads, but it’s open to any student or grad who wants to start building their career path. Thus, the next time your aunt or uncle ask you, “what’s next?” you can give them a proper answer.

What’s in it for you?

You will:

  • Learn to identify and articulate your strengths
  • Learn how to write effective resumes and cover letters
  • Strategize your job search
  • Build your personal brand with LinkedIn
  • Practice your networking skills
  • Develop your emotional intelligence and leadership skills
  • Gain exclusive admittance to our employer panel on trends in job recruitment

Still not convinced? Read what Career Coach Katelin Wood has to say about the Career Boot Camp:

“Career Boot Camp will give you the strategies to job-search better, faster, and stronger. We’ll play games, there’ll be food and prizes, and you’ll get tips on how to tap into the hidden job market,” says Wood. “80 percent of jobs are never posted!”

Also on hand will be Career Coach Shannan Laing, who will conduct an advanced approach to job seeking. She adds that participants will get to learn how to work smarter and faster so that they can land interviews. “The workshop is based on the book ‘The 2-Hour Job Search’, by Steve Dalton. It’s an opportunity to think outside the box when it comes to applying for jobs strategically and efficiently by using tools such as Excel, Google and LinkedIn to target potential employers,” she says. “Over the three days, we will discuss ways that you can prioritize ‘target’ employers, how to contact employers and recruit advocates to provide support and internal referrals. This process will help you develop an organized and focused job search plan, resulting in more interviews.”

Don’t miss out! Register for Career Boot Camp at CareerHUB. There’s limited space.

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