Four reasons why you should not miss Tech Week Oct. 28-30

Discover all the awesome technology available to you at Douglas College. Plus, get a chance to win a laptop, Apple AirPods and more.

At Douglas College, there are multiple technologies and services available to you. Find out all about them at Tech Week Oct. 28-30 at both campuses.

A lot of things are taking place during Tech Week 2019. Check out the event schedule to learn more!

Here are four reasons why you should not miss this event:

  1. Explore all the basic and cutting-edge educational technologies available to you at Douglas: There are 14 technology booths – Virtual Reality, 3D printing, IT support services including myAccount, password resets, and booths that will help you explore online educational resource portals like Blackboard and LinkedIn Learning. These resources provide you with a simpler, faster and more personalized educational experience.
  2. Prizes, prizes and more prizes: Register at Eventbrite for the Cybersecurity talk by Gary Perkins on Oct. 28, for a chance to win Apple AirPods! At the technology booths Oct. 29 and 30, you’ll also have a chance to win a laptop, Bookstore credit and more!
  3. Share your questions and suggestions:  Tech Week is an opportunity for you to meet with IT support services team and representatives from other College departments, such as the Registrar’s Office and Accessibility Services. This is your chance to get close to these departments and have your usual questions and concerns answered. You can also share suggestions on tools and technologies you would like to see at Douglas to enhance your learning experience.
  4. Interactive and engaging: Find out how cybersmart you are with the Cybersecurity quiz, and try your hand at 3D printing and Blackboard technologies. Every booth will have something interesting and interactive in store for you. Have we mentioned prizes?

Tech week is open for all students, employees and faculty. Participate and you will have a chance to win exciting prizes. Don’t miss out!

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