Meet Manpreet and Nakul, your new student tech support partners

Getting up to speed with technology can be a challenge, especially at the beginning of a new semester. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  

The Centre for Educational and Information Technology (CEIT) has two student assistants ready to help with any tech questions for the Fall 2019 Semester as part of the Students Helping Students (SHS) program.

Meet Manpreet Kaur and Nakul Garg. Both Manpreet and Nakul are enrolled in the Computing Science and Information Systems Diploma program at Douglas College.

Manpreet, ready to assist her fellow students in New West.

Manpreet and Nakul will be on campus outfitted in red vests to assist you with logins, computer functionality, printing, wireless and connectivity.

You can reach out to Manpreet at the New West Campus. Manpreet says she has always been excited about meeting new people and learning new skills. “This is a great opportunity and I am looking forward to helping other students with their technology queries.”

You can reach out to Nakul at the Coquitlam Campus. Nakul says he enjoys helping and supporting people. His suggestion to students, “We always think that technology is challenging and are afraid to fix issues ourselves. I would like to encourage students to go ahead and explore the self-service technology options that are available to all of us at Douglas College. And for any immediate assistance I am always ready to help.”

Since its inception, the Students Helping Students service has helped hundreds of students each semester.

Nakul has you covered at the Coquitlam Campus!

If you need technical assistance this semester, look for the red vests or contact our student assistants by phone or email.

Manpreet Kaur is available to help you in New Westminster.*

Location: S2665A inside Library Computer Lab (S2660)
Call or text: 604-396-4475
Hours: 10am-6pm

Nakul Garg is available to help you in Coquitlam.*

Location: CEIT Office, (adjacent to the Library), Coquitlam Campus
Call or text: 604-306-4777
Hours: Mon – Fri, 9am-5pm

*In November, Manpreet and Nakul will swap campuses.

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