Violent intruder drills slated for mid-September

In mid-September, Douglas College will hold drills at both the New Westminster and Coquitlam Campuses, and Anvil Office Tower to show you how to stay safe in the event of a violent intruder on campus. 

What will the drills be like?

On the day of the drill, there will be additional security guards on site, social media and posters advising you that the drill will occur on that day. The drill will commence with the violent intruder alert issued over the public address (PA) system. Following the alert, you will also receive a DC Alert that the drill is in progress. Follow the instructions announced over the PA:


  • If you are close to an exit and are able to quickly leave the building, do so, and proceed to the assembly areas as directed by drill personnel. In a real event, you would check for safety before escaping and, once leaving the building, you would get as far away from the campus as possible. 


  • If you are not close to an exit, then lock down in the nearest office, classroom, lab or field base. Immediately lock the door and close window blinds and covers. Turn off the lights and silence your phone. Stay quiet and in your secured space until the drill is complete. Drill personnel will be checking doors to ensure they have been locked. 

Defend – NOT practiced 

  • You will NOT have to practice how to defend yourself as part of the drill. However, in a real event and as a last resort to protect your life, you may have to defend yourself if confronted by the violent intruder.

Once the drill is over, you will receive an all-clear message. Upon receiving the all-clear message, it is OK to return to your regular campus activities.

Why are we doing this?

At Douglas College, we take your personal safety on our campuses seriously. Although an incident of serious violence on campus is unlikely, we must take steps to plan, practice and prepare.

When will the drills happen?

The drills are scheduled for mid-September. We’ll advise you of the specific date of the drills in the mornings they take place.

How should I prepare?

Visit for details about the College’s violent intruder procedures. Review the Violent Intruder Procedures posted in all classrooms and meeting rooms. 

Sign up for DC Alerts, an emergency communication system that sends alerts to your email and mobile phone in case of an emergency situation on campus. 

Still have questions?


You can also watch our violent intruder preparation video here:

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