All you’ll gain at New Student Orientation

By Elliott Slinn, Student Engagement

Imagine it’s your first day of college. You wake up, get your bag, grab your coffee (or tea) and make your way to campus. You walk into the building, but where is your class? You search for a bit and then ultimately find it, but now the only seat available is at the back of the room. You notice some of your classmates have already met, and you feel a bit left out – but you made it, all be it a little late and a little sweaty, but you made it.

It’s a short day. The professor introduces themselves and hands out the list of required textbooks for class. You decide you’ll go to the Bookstore and grab what you need before you head home. Then you see the line – it’s long – and you’ll have to wait in it if you want those books. Dread.

Avoid that sweaty dread

Attend a New Student Orientation (NSO) where this is the opportunity to get yourself situated on campus before classes begin, as well as your chance to meet the faculty. You can further strengthen your student/teacher relationship by attending NSO because it allows you to ask any questions, get more comfortable talking to your professors (learn about their office hours), or if you’re ever interested in studying abroad – building that relationship for a reference letter.

Tours aren’t just for musicians!

You’ll also be offered a tour of the campus so you can figure out the layout and where all of your classes will be, as well as know where the cafeteria is located, so you can get your caffeine fix! At the end of the day, there’s a Campus Carnival, which is a great way to make new friends. We play games, give out prizes and the overall atmosphere is one of fun and inclusion!

Get carded

At NSO, you can pick up your books and avoid the lines. You can also grab your Student ID card, which gives you access to the many facilities available to you as a student, like the fitness centre, library, etc. You can save yourself time and avoid stress just by attending NSO.

Make future you happy

Overall, NSO is going to benefit you and add to your comfort level when coming to the College. When you attend, you walk away with new knowledge, new friends and a solid foundation to begin your Douglas College journey.

There’s still time to register!

New West Campus

  • Tuesday, Aug. 20 (AM) – Science & Technology / Sports Science: REGISTER HERE
  • Tuesday, Aug. 20 (PM) – Commerce and Business Administration: REGISTER HERE
  • Wednesday, Aug. 21 (AM) – Humanities and Social Sciences: REGISTER HERE
  • Wednesday, Aug. 21 (PM) – Language, Literature and Performing Arts: REGISTER HERE
  • Thursday, Aug. 22 (AM) – General Studies: REGISTER HERE

Coquitlam Campus

  • Tuesday, Aug. 27 (AM) – Humanities and Social Sciences: REGISTER HERE
  • Tuesday, Aug. 27 (PM) – Language, Literature and Performing Arts: REGISTER HERE
  • Wednesday, Aug. 28 (AM) – Science & Technology: REGISTER HERE
  • Wednesday, Aug. 28 (PM) – Child, Family and Community Studies: REGISTER HERE
  • Thursday, Aug. 29 (AM) – Hospitality Management: REGISTER HERE
  • Thursday, Aug. 29 (PM) – Office Administration: REGISTER HERE
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