Meet the valedictorians of June 2019!

Before they crossed the stage, we caught up with all eight of the June 2019 valedictorians to ask them about their most unforgettable moment from their time at Douglas.

“I’ll never forget my cohort – it was a pleasure getting to know such a great group of caring and compassionate women :)” – Kali McVeigh, Bachelor of Social Work, 2019 Valedictorian
“I’ll never forget my first day at Douglas – returning to school after so many years, ready to face new challenges and achieve my dreams.” – Woonam Choi, Post-Degree Diploma in Project Management, 2019 Valedictorian
“I’ll never forget standing on stage with my classmates, my friends – it was opening night of the musical we had written and we felt so proud of what we had created.” – Sarah Prato, Bachelor of Performing Arts, 2019 Valedictorian
“I’ll never forget walking away from my last final exam at Douglas, reflecting on the hard but rewarding journey I’d taken to get to that point.” – Carmen Gonzalez, Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting, 2019 Valedictorian
“I’ll never forget the support and encouragement that I received from my instructors at Douglas – they were awesome!” – Jenny Newman, Bachelor of Arts in Applied Criminology, 2019 Valedictorian
“I’ll never forget reconnecting with my friends from high school on my first day at Douglas. We’ve been inseparable ever since!” – Estrella Blackstock Pedroso, Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching, 2019 Valedictorian
“I’ll never forget reflecting on what we learned and sharing a few laughs and tears with my cohort at the end of each academic year at Douglas.” – Jennifer Parks, Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation, 2019 Valedictorian
“I’ll never forget running around Douglas, screaming and creating cheerful noises during Make Some Noise for Mental Health.” – Hau Vu Duy Nguyen, Post-Degree Diploma in Information and Communication Technology, 2019 Valedictorian
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