Elementary school in Kenya to use Douglas College computers

By Nicole Chiu, CEIT

Dozens of Douglas College computers are making their way to classrooms at the Endana Primary School in Kenya. These computers will help enhance the school students’ learning experience through technology by providing them with access to online learning resources.  

When College computers are upgraded every few years, older computers, which are in good condition, are donated to local rotaries that ship it to places where educational resources are in short supply or are non-existent.

With the help of Bonnie Sutherland, Vice President of the not-for-profit, Rotary World Help, Douglas College computers will continue to be used for educating students. Bonnie has been supporting education efforts in developing countries for over 20 years.

“One of our goals is to install a library at Endana Primary School – a remote, desolate, dusty school with very few amenities,” she says. “What we do with these computers will change lives.”

Each year, the College replaces more than 400 computers. Some of the machines end up at certified environmentally-responsible recycling plants and others find new homes through charitable organizations.

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