Humans of DC: finding direction

“At the end of high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do and I wasn’t really motivated to study well and get good grades and get into the bigger institutions. So I went to Douglas for General Studies and I decided to take a few courses to test them out, hopefully to get a grasp on what I wanted to do for my future.”

“After two years, I finally decided to pursue a degree in Psychology under the advice of my friends. When I was in elementary school, I went to counselling because I wasn’t really popular among a lot of kids and I used to get picked on. My counsellor helped me get through elementary and high school and I really want to pay that forward.”

“All the people I met through Douglas motivate me to stay in my studies and do well for all my courses to keep me on track. My parents always want me to do well and they support me through the whole thing even though I didn’t necessarily have a direction in the beginning. They believed that I was going to find something eventually and because of that, I really want to do my best for them.”

“I’m proud of who I have become today. I really lucked out coming to Douglas College. After Orientation, I was just like a shy kid who didn’t want to get involved with anything. I was too afraid. But my friends from high school persuaded me to join them at the E.D.G.E. I had an amazing time and met so many friends through it. From there, I became an Edge Leader and also joined First Year Fridays and the Douglas Student Volunteers. These opportunities gave me more confidence and more layers of my personality started to show. I’m really proud of how Douglas has shaped me.”

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