Tech talk: Here’s how you can help us improve our tech services

Douglas’s IT department is working with the Douglas Students’ Union (DSU) to bring better and improved technology services to all campuses – and they need your to help.

On March 20, the newly formed Student IT advisory group will meet with the AVP and CIO of Technology, Brian Mackay, to share their College technology experiences.

Slow Wi-Fi, long waits at the “Quick-Print” station, and not knowing what password to use for which accounts are just a few of the concerns the students say they are all too familiar with.

“We are the ones using these services every day, we know what works and what doesn’t work and what services we need more or less of,” says Paul Wittayaworapat, Director of Campus Life for the DSU.

Members of the Student IT advisory group say they hope these conversations will lead to a noticeable impact on campus.

“The student perspective is especially important during the planning stages of updating or introducing new technology because we bring a very specific user experience to the table and can influence changes and ideas that will serve the growing and dynamic needs of students,” said advisory group member Kyle Maddox.

Brian hopes to tackle many of these issues through technology upgrades and adopting new tools.

“It’s so important to engage with the users of our technology and have them share information and ideas with me on ways to improve our services,” said Brian. “I want to ensure every student has access to the best technology resources to support them in their academic journey.”

Join the IT conversation by sharing your tech ideas or concerns with the DSU. You can contact the DSU on the following media platforms:

  • Douglas Students’ App
  • Facebook (Douglas Students’ Union)
  • Twitter (@thedsu6)
  • Instagram (@thedsu6)
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