Top 4 reasons to be a Student Ambassador

By Maia Odegaard, Marketing and Communications 

Do you love Douglas College? Want to help prospective students decide if the College is right for them? Join the Student Ambassadors! Working with the Future Students’ Office, Student Ambassadors play a key role in year-round College events on and off campus, including information sessions, career and education fairs and high school visits. Apply by Jan. 13 to begin sharing your lived experience with other students, all while benefiting from the perks of the program.

Here are our top reasons for becoming a Student Ambassador:

1. Community

While it’s not impossible to make friends in class, once the semester is over, it can be hard to keep in touch. The best way to make lasting connections and potential friends in college is by getting involved.

Joining the Student Ambassadors allows you to meet other students from different programs who share a similar mindset – they want to get involved with the campus community, share their love of Douglas College, all while make lifelong connections and great memories along the way.

2. Professional development

You no doubt came to college for a number of reasons – learning new skills, experiencing college life, making friends – but building an impressive resumé is likely near the top of the list. A degree or diploma from Douglas College is a great addition to your resumé, but in a competitive job market, you need more than an education to stand out from the crowd.

Joining the Student Ambassadors shows future employers that you’re keen to go the extra mile, volunteering your time to benefit your college community while developing important skills, such as event management, professional communication and teamwork.

Former Student Ambassadors have found jobs thanks to the connections they made during their time with the program – a definite advantage when it comes to your professional development.

3. Rewards

As a Student Ambassador, you’ll enjoy some awesome perks for the hours you put in. And the longer you’re a part of the program, the more rewards you’ll receive. After your initial trial period, you’ll be treated to a Student Ambassador polo shirt, name tag and your very own locker. If you continue for another semester, you’ll be granted priority registration for courses, and you’ll get a cool water bottle. Stay with the program for an entire year, and you’ll receive a sweet Student Ambassador hoodie. All this in addition to the invaluable connections and experience you’ll gain from joining the Student Ambassadors.

4. The Douglas College experience

Each Student Ambassador receives training to ensure they can direct new students to relevant resources and services offered at Douglas College. Not only does this allow you to do your job well, it may be information you weren’t aware of yourself.

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of just attending your classes and focusing on your assignments. This is an important part of college – the part that ensures you’ll receive a diploma or degree – but many students find it a lonely and unfulfilling way to experience college life. Joining the Student Ambassadors is an opportunity to make friends, give back to your community and feel a sense of pride in your college. Having fun and learning new skills as a Student Ambassador can enrich your college experience and ultimately make your time at Douglas College the best it can be. Apply today!

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