Student Ambassadors pose on the steps of the Concourse at the Douglas College New Westminster Campus.

Top reasons to be a Student Ambassador

By Student Ambassadors

Looking to get involved on campus? Check out Douglas College’s Student Ambassadors. Student Ambassadors help prospective students decide if Douglas College is right for them, and promote the College at high schools and the community.

Find out why joining the Student Ambassadors should be on your list from current Student Ambassadors, in their own words, below, and then apply to join the team by the Sept. 9 deadline. Apply here.

  1. Community

With the Student Ambassadors you have the opportunity to make connections and form bonds with others on campus.

  • “You meet other students from different programs but share a similar mindset of wanting to get involved on campus.”
  • “There is a huge sense of community in being a Student Ambassador and everyone is here to support one another in and outside of Ambassador activities.”
  • “I get to work on Student Ambassador events with the people that I have become friends with and I learn such great things from them and all of the staff. It has greatly improved my college experience and will leave me with great memories.”
  1. Professional Development

Build yourself a robust network that will benefit you on and off campus.

  • “I built fantastic networks and had the opportunity to work with staff. My work as a Student Ambassador led to new jobs and I gained an enormous amount of experience.”
  • “You have plenty of opportunities to meet instructors from different faculties, deans and other college staff during events and at monthly meetings.”
  • “You gain valuable work skills while volunteering, such as working in a group, professional communication skills, as well as event management. Additionally, each month, one skill set is highlighted and practiced during our meetings.”
  • “As Student Ambassadors, we have the opportunity to select volunteering shifts that works best for our schedule.”
  1. Rewards

As a Student Ambassador, you’ll enjoy a few perks around the College.

  • “When you complete the 20-hour volunteering requirement for a semester, you receive a free locker on campus and priority registration for courses the following semester.”
  1. The Douglas College experience

Getting involved creates a stronger bond with your school and classmates, creating an overall better college experience. Plus, you get the inside track on all the cool stuff Douglas offers.

  • “Every Student Ambassador goes through training to ensure they know how to best help new students. This includes learning about what resources and services we offer at Douglas College, some which you may not have known about prior.”
  • “By joining the Student Ambassador Program I have been able to give back to my community and feel a sense of pride for the College itself.”
  • “In my first year, I was focused on my own studies and only interacted with the few students I saw in my classes. By becoming a Student Ambassador, I was able to make new friends, learn new skills and enrich my own student journey.”
  • “During my first semester I was not doing much of anything other than taking classes and working, and I found it very unfulfilling. The Student Ambassador program provided a fun atmosphere within the College.”
  • “Becoming a Student Ambassador is a fantastic opportunity that allows your experiences to become a source of knowledge for prospective students.”








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