Sun’s out, books out: 8 study spots to soak up the summer weather

By Melissa Nilan, Marketing and Communications

Exam season is almost upon us! Have you been studying hard? Both campuses are full of air-conditioned spots to hunker down in and hide from the heat, but if you’re solar-powered, then you might prefer these outdoor locations we’ve scouted for you. Just make sure your study session is well stocked with water and sunscreen.

Coquitlam Campus

  1. On the grass between the A/B and C/D buildings. Lay out a blanket and soak up those early morning rays before it gets too hot.
  2. Just up the steps, before you enter the A/B building, you’ll find these shaded benches.
  3. Enjoy the greenery and sun-dappled benches outside the back exit of the A/B Building, heading toward Pinetree Community Centre. Bonus: it’s right near the cafeteria if you need refreshments.
  4. Go for a walk and take in the full beauty of nature by heading across the street to Lafarge Lake. There are lots of options for study spots, from grassy areas, to benches, to retaining walls.

New Westminster Campus

  1. The green roof on the fourth floor (south building) has benches and tables, and is a great place to catch a bit of a breeze off the Fraser River.
  2. If you’re looking to get a bit of a tan, the grassy plot at the corner of Eighth Street and Royal Avenue is the perfect spot to spread out a blanket and your books. Trees provide some shade if you need a break from the sun, and offer a bit of seclusion from the nearby traffic.
  3. If you prefer a table for studying, there are lots of tables outside the Eighth Street entrance. Nearby trees provide a mix of sunny and shady options.
  4. Just a few steps away from campus, out of the Carnarvon Street exit (and past the fountain, which offers its own refreshing study spot), you’ll find the leafy shade of the Law Courts and the peaceful babble of their fountain. Claim one of the benches under the trees and enjoy this quiet spot away from the bustle of campus.

Did we miss any hidden gems? Post a photo on Instagram and use #douglasgram to show us your favourite study locations.

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