Being a Student Ambassador changed my life

By Melissa Cocking, Douglas student and former Student Ambassador

Joining the Student Ambassador program was the first thing I did on campus to really become an active part in the Douglas College community. I wanted to get more out of my time in college than simply attending classes and returning home. In addition, I wanted to meet new people and make some friends outside of my program. When I was accepted into the program, I got just that and more!

Within a month of being a part of the leadership group, I found myself surrounded by positive mentors and long-term friends. The staff running the Ambassador program are caring and wanting to help each student with their professional development. They also hosted social events and meetings throughout the semester, in which I found to be beneficial to meeting different people. During these events, all Ambassadors come together and participate, so it’s easy to get to know everybody in a more casual environment. In meetings, we often work on a specific skill-set, such as career building or self-care with the help of other faculties on campus. However, social events are usually off-campus events such as bowling, laser tag or hiking.


Volunteering on campus is convenient for me, as I don’t have to travel elsewhere and I can volunteer before or after classes. Helping out on campus, whether it be as simple as directing new guests so they don’t get lost, or speaking to high school students about why I chose Douglas, has given me skills I can put on my resume. I’ve gained leadership and communication skills, the capability to work individually and as a group, as well as experience in a professional and credible environment. I have also acquainted myself with College staff, faculty and Deans during events that they too have attended, as means to network with others.

Ambassadors are expected to volunteer for twenty hours per semester and when those hours are completed they receive benefits, including free lockers and swag.

The Ambassadors program has also opened the door for so many unique opportunities outside of the program. I have helped set up the poster fairs on campus, participated hands-on in the new Engineering lab, witnessed Theatre students performing and Stagecraft students preparing scenes, participated in this year’s Student Engagement Awards, and even got the chance to get paid as a student assistant on campus with the Office for New Students.


My favourite part of being in the Student Ambassador program is the impact I have on prospective and new students to the College. I can help them make informed decisions about the College based on my personal experiences and knowledge. It’s even more rewarding to see a student who recognizes you in their transition from high school to college and is now enrolled at Douglas. In moments like those, I truly see the scope of my impact volunteering as it can influence a student’s decision to come to Douglas.

The Summer application deadline is May 13. Apply today!

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