From intern to employee

By Sucheta Singh, Marketing and Communications
Photo by David Denofreo

Denis Santos wanted to combine his passion for animation and art with technology. He even has a background in illustration, painting and tattooing.

The only thing missing from his toolkit was coding skills. So, Denis enrolled in the Computing Studies and Information Systems (CSIS) program at Douglas College. He also joined the Co-op program so he could get work experience. Denis worked as an IT student assistant at Douglas, followed by two placements as a tech support specialist at Bentall Kennedy. His hard work paid off. The real estate investment company hired him once his Co-op term was up.

“My time at Douglas and my Co-op placements have been really important for my goals,” Denis says “I’ve met people who work in programming, have been involved with many projects and have learned the processes of software developing, as well as a big chunk of the business side.”

After graduating, Denis plans to launch a start-up developing software for animation and games.

To join Co-op you must complete three steps:

1: Attend an information session

2: Attend the mandatory cover letter/resume workshop

3: Apply to the Co-op program

For more information about prerequisites and applying, visit the Career Centre.

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