Reynold kicks the ball while playing for the Royals

Former Douglas soccer star heads to the Whitecaps to help young stars score

By Sucheta Singh, Marketing and Communications 

In the words of soccer star David Beckham, “Soccer is a magical game.” Reynold Stewart agrees.

Reynold came to Douglas after high school to play soccer with the Royals and figure out what he wanted to do with his life.

The Tsawwassen native studied everything from Computer Science, to English, to Psychology, finally settling on Political Science. Meanwhile, he was giving it his all on the soccer field as a forward with the Royals. He was even named Player of the Year twice.

Reynold went on to finish his degree in Political Science at the University of British Columbia while also playing soccer with the UBC team. Reynold poses for the UBC team.

While there, he was contacted by the Whitecaps farm team to play for them. Eventually, he went on to coach with them as well. But Reynold wanted to finish his education which includes a teaching degree from UBC, specializing in rural education.

“I was getting sick of the city and wanted to get out. The Whitecaps found out I was moving to Nelson for school. They put me in contact with the head coach for the region out here.”

While finishing his degree in Nelson, B.C., Reynold has also been working with the Kootenay Academy, a prospects academy for the Whitecaps. The academy conditions and trains young athletes to play in the big leagues.

Recently, he was appointed Associate Head Coach.

“It gives me responsibility for growing the region and gives me ownership of the soccer team in Nelson. I’m really looking forward to that.”

There are 70 players at the academy and about 250-300 in the region. The players range in age from seven to 18.

“It honestly doesn’t even feel like a job.”


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