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We know you’re hungry. Check this out!

Written by Mary Valdez


2970 Glen Dr #100
Closed on mondays
10 minute walk from COQ campus

Stop by this chill spot & listen to some Korean hip hop.


TACOREANO showcases a Korean version of Mexican food and it definitely hits the spot! With well known Korean style marinated meat, every bite is flavourful, with a touch of kimchi for spiciness. They have various Mexican inspired selections from tacos, to nachos! However, if you’d rather stick to the Asian side of things, rice bowls are definitely available, with a choice of beef, pork, chicken, tuna, and tofu (don’t worry, they haven’t forgotten about vegetarian options.) If you’re feeling like you need to reward yourself, they have a few desserts to choose from; brownies, lemon curds, and green tea ice cream. Dislike spiciness? Let them know. Want more spiciness? They have a collection of different hot sauces waiting for you!

**Student specials are Tuesdays & Fridays – collect 10 stamps for a free meal!**




2971 Glen Dr
Open everyday, close early on Fridays
10 minute walk from COQ campus

From fries, to candy to smoothies and bubble tea. Everything a student will crave will be here!


Ninja Bubble Tea is best known for having bubble tea sizes up to a litre! They have over 50 flavours, and just recently added kale smoothies to the board for those seeking the healthier side. If you want something to warm you up, they also have instagram worthy coffees for the winter. It’s a great place to unwind and eat some poutine, tater tots, hot dogs, as well as a couple pastries. Their tables are usually filled with students doing homework, or better yet just hanging out after school. Need to unwind? They also have various board games for you and your friends to enjoy. You won’t regret stopping by, you’ll definitely get a kick out of their stuff.

**Students get fries/tots for $1.99 (reg. $4.95) Mon-Fri from 3-6pm.**

Mary Valdez is currently a Second Year Arts Student, finishing her Associate’s Degree in Sociology at Douglas. She’s in the process of being a polyglot, and can’t live without sushi.

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