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This new online tool will change the way you school!

myPath is an online tool that shows your entire academic record at Douglas College in an easy-to-read list of courses you have completed, or still need to complete, for your program of study.

So, why should you be using it? Here are the top three reasons you need myPath in your life.

  1. Know how your academic record fits into program requirements

Need to know your GPA? Or how many credits you need to graduate? myPath shows you how your academic record at Douglas fits into program requirements in an easy to read list of courses you have completed or still need to complete for your area of study. It’s all easily accessible online to you, academic advisors and program chairs so you all have the same information. And it’s secure and confidential.

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2. Change programs with confidence

Sometimes we have a change of heart or discover a different passion. Life happens. So, what if you want to change your program? That’s where the “what if” feature comes in.

See if and how the courses you’ve already taken apply toward a different program, and what courses you’d still need to take.

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3. See Jay-Z just by visiting myPath

We save the best for last. Sign into your myPath account soon and be entered to win some amazing prizes! Trust us, you want these prizes.

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Find out more about myPath at

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