Blue team at EDGE 2016

Get an “EDGE” up on your 1st year at Douglas

By Melissa Nilan, Marketing-Communications Office

EDGE team leader Klyde Ouano says the event is a perfect way to start off your first year at college.

“It’s fun, so it eases some of the stress of starting post-secondary for the first time, and lets first years get acquainted with the College, staff and other new students,” he says, before adding that he regrets missing out on participating in his first year at Douglas (though he’s now on his second term as team leader).

EDGE team leader Klyde Ouano

EDGE team leader Klyde Ouano

Much like summer camp, the EDGE is a multi-day event packed full of various activities, with something that appeals to everyone’s abilities. Klyde eagerly recounts his enjoyment in seeing people who started off the day quiet and shy, open up when they had the opportunity to show off their natural talents. In addition to the physical games, such as volleyball, quidditch, and an oversized version of table pong (using barrels of water instead of solo cups), there are also mental and creative challenges for those who prefer using their brain muscle.

Participants are split into several teams with two leaders each, and spend some time on the first day developing their team identity with a name and logo, as well as getting to know their teammates. Led by their enthusiastic team leaders, the teams spend most of day two and three challenging each other, competing in all the different events and trying to win prizes. In doing so, they become familiar with both campuses, meet the student staff of the Douglas Students’ Union (DSU) and Student Engagement office, and make friends with their teammates.

Klyde notes that quite often team members will stay in touch throughout the rest of the year. His own team, the Blue Winged Dragons, created a Facebook group that they used to ask each other questions about school and organize social meet-ups. He says the competitions at the EDGE are the perfect balance of friendly challenge and fun that ensures everyone is involved and engaged; in many cases, students end up continuing that involvement by returning as EDGE leaders the next year, volunteering for other College events, signing up for the Student Ambassador Program or getting involved with the DSU.

The EDGE 2017 will be held September 7th to 9th. If you are new to Douglas this Fall, don’t miss out on this great introduction to the College and your new peers – register now to ensure your spot on a team.

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