Morgan Wilson sits in a chair surrounded by bright lights and haze.

Lost and found: How one student found his passion

By Sucheta Singh, Marketing and Communications
Photo by David Denofreo

Fresh out of high school, Morgan Wilson had no idea what he wanted to do. He felt lost and decided to take a year off to work full time. Morgan knew he wanted to do something big with his life.

“My ultimate career goal is to own and operate an event company that throws events all over the world,” he says.

Morgan also plans on have a clothing brand to go along with his event company. To achieve his dream, he wanted to go to school. The problem was he didn’t think he was good enough for university. After hearing great things from his friends, he decided to enrol in General Studies at Douglas College. Morgan says his attitude toward school changed with the help of his instructors.

“Over the last two years, I’ve learned to do things for myself and build my social skills, as well as better myself academically,” he says. “I’ve learned that a poor grade is a building block rather than a restriction.”

Outside of school, Morgan has a passion for hip-hop. He launched the annual Redemption Hip-Hop competition, which is held at venues across the Lower Mainland, including Douglas’s New West Campus.

His next move is to enrol in a business program at Douglas to bring all his goals to life. Down the road, Morgan wants to create a sports scholarship to help families pay for sports enrollment fees.

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